Blood Type and Vitamins

April 10, 2011

Blood type O (I)
•    Recommended!
Highly active B vitamins perfectly fit the holders of O-type blood, stimulating the metabolic processes and a few sluggish metabolism of O-people. K vitamin is also useful for blood group O, and so take care to use more green leafy vegetables in your diet, from collard greens to spinach.
•    Not recommended!
The blood of the holders of O group is characterized by a relatively poor coagulation, so it is desirable to take drugs with vitamin A derived from fish oil. It is best to include into your ration of food products rich with vitamins A.
The same is true for the drugs and supplements with vitamin E, provoking to slow blood coagulation. And in this case it is best to give up any drugs, including into the ration products that are recommended for holders of the blood group O as much as possible and rich with vitamin E .

Blood type A (II)
•    Recommended!
A-type is recommended to fill the deficiency of vitamin B12, contained primarily in animal proteins, taking drugs exactly as prescribed and under the supervision of a doctor. Folic acid, niacin, vitamins C and E are  very useful for the holders of the blood group A, therefore include into your ration products rich with these vitamins as much as possible.
•    Not recommended!
Do not take supplements and drugs containing beta-carotene, just replace them with the recommended carotenoids-primarily with vegetables, rich with carotene.

Blood type B (III)
A distinctive feature of B-type holders, both adults and children, is their “omnivorousness”. Food products that are recommended for holders of blood group B, are rich not only with calcium and gelatin, but also with vitamins A, C and E, and vitamins B.

Blood type AB (IV)
•    Recommended!
Those vitamins which are beneficial for the holders of blood groups A and B  are useful for the group AB. And those which are contraindicated for the holders of blood groups A and B, are also recommended to the group AB. It is recommended to include in your ration as many fruits, vegetables and berries rich with vitamin C as much as possible.


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